Sale! (And aftermath)

I originally thought I’d be posting on this blog once every three or four days. How about once every two months?

I recently sold my story “Falling Through Creation” to the awesome folks at AE-The Canadian Science Fiction Review and couldn’t be more happy. It’s the first time any of my fiction has ventured out into the world (wide web) and I’m pleased that it found a good home.

The story was originally written during my second-last night at Clarion, and came out in a bit of a vomit-stream during the course of about four hours. It’s been since revised, with help from some very helpful critiques, but a lot of the bones (chunks?) of that original piece are still there. I got some nice words about it from some nice people, so all in all a good first sale, I think.

Key words being ‘first sale’. Now I suppose I need to sell some more.

I remember something John Kessel told us during our last week at Clarion, that making your first sale is kind of like finally kicking down a door that you’ve been hammering on for years, only to find yourself stumbling into an empty room.  The good news is that I’ve currently got three more pieces out and one that’s probably close being ready to set free. The bad news is that most of those will be tough sells, I think.

Long story short: clearly I need to write more. But then, what writer thinks they should be writing less?

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